F is for Fem

F is for FEM 

As an Iranian-Canadian multidisciplinary artist and designer, my curation of works for the Fem Assembly Exhibition invites an exploration of identity, intersectional feminism, and intergenerational healing from a diasporic perspective.

Unveiled Traditions draws from my childhood memories of visiting Iran, capturing dichotomies between the inside and outside of the home and the country. The story unfolds with the chador (traditional Muslim garment), symbolizing the separate lives people lead as it slowly loses its meaning behind the closed doors of nonconforming homes, across 44 years of daily protest, and in response to the Women Life Freedom movement.

The translucent chador, adorned with cultural symbols such as AI generated imagery inspired by Persian miniature paintings and sacred geometric tile work, is reminiscent of Iranian traditions and a rich art and architectural history. ‘Forward’, the 3D printed ceramic tile mosaic, speaks to the possibilities of the future threaded through collective action.

Sculpture 'Fem' celebrates the liberated and non-sexualized female form. Beneath Fem stands a podium with image transfers further highlighting a closer look into Iranian households and familial customs, a narrative seldom told in the West due to censorship.

The analog photography series, 'Holding & Held' showcases sculptures including ‘Fem’ in a reclamation of freedom, expression, femininity, and community through the exploration of skin, curves, and identity (full gallery available via the QR code).

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