3D Printed Tile Mosaic


Wrapping up an exciting research with many wonderful collaborators. A custom 3D printed, beathing architectural wall system made of tested CO2 converting clay and glaze!

The intestine like pipe moving through the design allows for air suction, passive heating or cooling while maximizing the surface area for CO2 absorption with Pure Tech in the glaze.

So grateful for the journey and all the people involved who helped this innovation, design and fabrication come to fruition

Material design collab: Aldo Solazzo at Noumena and Pure Tech
Catalog design collab: Jessica Dias
Tile design collab: Rodrigo Aguirre
Machine design collab: Ardeshir Talaei 
Prototyping fabrication assistant: Carrie Richardson 
With gratitude to the Canada Council for the Arts 

Make: custom 3D printed clay
Material: Polar Ice porcelain
Finish: clear gloss glaze

Set of five tiles come together as bundle.