Handmade Tiles: kaaenat (universe)


(Kaenat) translates to *the universe* or *the cosmos*, indirectly meaning *all creation*.

Minimal, lightweight, handmade nude and raw ceramic tiles with black underglaze brushstroke. Framed to float on red wood. Accurately aligned lasercut holes on the backs, ready to hang. Keep one, some, or all together. Each tile is marked with their according number out of an edition of 6 collectible tiles. In the spirit that we are all one, each collector is subtly connected through obtaining a little piece of the creation.

Approximate measurements: wood frame: 8 x 8 inches 
Make: handmade
Material: fired, raw m340 ceramic tile on on red wood

*PLEASE NOTE when selecting your tile number, this alphabet is numbered and read from right to left, top to bottom.