Origins Built


This collaboration is an exploration of texture, shape, material, and diagramming + text with artist and author John F Gerrard.

A portal into John’s mind framed by the circle and square, our collaboration took shape as a true exchange. After reading a book I saw in John’s studio (God by Reza Aslan, a Persian American author), rooted in themes of ancient wisdom and the history of humans’ belief in god. The circular shapes then came to me in a meditative vision, and I experimented with linen textiles and clay to create empty holdings for John’s text-based work. A first for me incorporating these materials, it was a new and enjoyable process in forming texture. In response to prompts left in the circles, John introduced his work with copper paint accents.

Once a blank space, the shapes now hold a visual map of his in inner dialogue and interpretations of our discussions, mental health themes, and the human condition. I’ve always admired John’s ability to conveys his inner workings in a visually literal, raw and vulnerable way. A minimal piece at first glance, if one looks closer into the soothing shapes, it becomes a prompt for inner inquiry of the human psyche and the answers we collectively seek.

Deep gratitude to John for this collaboration - with more to come.

Material: Linen and raw clay plaster mix on panels, pen ink and copper paint