Terramundi Pot 4


Smooth to the touch, speckle stoneware vessel to house your coins and wishes. 

A terramundi is a money pot, originating in Italy over 2,000 years ago. Traditionally, each coin is fed into the pot with a written wish until it’s full. The pot is then broken with a final wish, revealing years or decades of dreams with money to step towards them. The broken pot may even become a vessel for a plant or candle.

To me, the terramundi symbolize preciousness and fragility, and the difficult yet beautiful ceremony of letting go as we follow our authentic paths. Fill it, break it and reflect, or keep it whole - the choice is yours.

Make: hand thrown on pottery wheel 
Material: high temperature kiln-fired nude speckle stoneware
Finish: partial clear gloss coat to contrast with raw texture

Food safe.
Dishwasher friendly.

Click here for detailed care instructions